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Your key to living water.

'Water' is not always 'water'!


Is your tap water healthy?
Does it protect you from electromagnetic pollution?
Does it taste good?
Does it vitalize you?
Is lime scale a problem for you?


Harmful bacteria and electromagnetic pollution are a risk to our immune system.


The special vortex technology of LuckyWater products give you the following benefits:

  • Calcium carbonate (lime scale) transformation – soft water
  • Energiereiches Wasser - Vitalität
  • Produces energy-rich spring water quality - vitality
  • Protection against harmful bacteria – health and wellbeing
  • Protection against scalar waves – strengthens the immune system

We move and turn water according to the precise principles of nature discovered by Victor Schauberger. This method allows water to live and breath again.
LuckyWater delivers living water using bion technology – bion-tec.
You want to save time and money?
Trust in LuckyWater!


  • Less effort in cleaning, due to improved stain removing properties
  • Hot water boiler works more efficiently
  • Appliances and plumbing last longer with LuckyWater

Do you want more of life? Then invest in LuckyWater with bion-tec.
It's your personal contribution to sustainable climate protection.


Quality can be seen. LuckyWater products give you the quality of pure and fresh spring water at home.

Water from pure springs, in it's natural state, has a sextagonal structure.  Through pressure and pollution water loses it's structure and becomes a chaotic lump of crystals.

Calcium carbonate ( lime scale) transformation



The lime scale in our drinking water contributes to blocked pipes, defective appliances, and lime scale build-up around plumbing fittings.  Many people are searching for a solution to these water issues.  And we have one – lime scale transformation without extra costs.

Spring water quality



'Water' is not always 'water.'  It has been proven that healthy drinking water is essential to our physical and spiritual development.  Children learn better with LuckyWater.

Protection against harmful bacteria



Chlorine is often used to destroy harmful bacteria in water.  Unfortunately, chlorine also destroys all the living, benefical bacteria as well.  LuckyWater products cleanse your drinking water from harmful bacteria without chemicals or chlorine.

Protection against scalar waves and electromagnetic pollution



Scalar waves are a form of free moving energy from radiowaves,  low-radiation waves such as those produced from WLAN technology, and the ever-increasing presence of electronic appliances in our workplaces.  This free moving energy disturbs our natural communication.

Lucky Gold

Exclusive with golden resound.

Lucky Pur

Sleek and elegant, for your living water.

Rainshower Gold

Shower and bathe in golden fields.

Rainshower Chrom

Unobtrusive glistening chrome – the perfect match for your current bathroom fittings.

Two minutes on water

Lucky - Home/Office

A central piece – a heartbeart - for your home and office.  Spring water quality at every outlet.

The delicate decision of which material and resound: 'Pur' or 'Goldwasser' - which design speaks to you?

Our products are manufactured according to holy geometry.  Each item is specially energised and is made from high quality, food grade materials.  100% Made in Germany.

LuckyWater-Watervortex restructures and activates at the same time.  Life returns to our tap water. Our cells love this and create more thurst for this water.

Try it out – notice the difference every day!

And how does your water look like?